Investment Approach

With a mission to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to its inventors through excellent execution and carefully developed strategies, M-M Properties has crafted its investment approach to ensure that this goal is met.  M-M Properties will consistently employ the following methods to ensure appropriate risk-mitigation and to maximize returns:

  • Careful selection of markets/submarkets that exhibit:
    • superior growth prospects,
    • expectation to outperform in recovery, and
    • demographics growth and job growth to drive demand
  • Utilizing moderate leverage at attractive rates;
  • Investing at significant discounts to replacement cost;
  • Employ diligent research including:
    • detailed market research,
    • demographic trend analysis, and
    • economic trend analysis
  • Maintain active project oversight and employ creative leasing strategies;
  • Active management of stabilized projects to grow NOI, maximize cash flow, and drive increases in long-term value; and
  • Target exits into recovering property and capital markets as appropriate.