Multifamily Investment Strategy

Historically, the sector has proven to be the most resilient during economic downturns, while delivering superior risk-adjusted returns during economic rebounds. A major contributor to multifamily growth has been a fundamental shift in consumer behavior, with younger and older generations exhibiting a stronger preference for renting due to affordability and life-style preference.

M-M Properties’ multifamily investment strategy is focused on the development of new projects in select locations; as well as the acquisition, repositioning, and/or recapitalization of multifamily assets in major growth markets. M-M Properties is pursuing two multifamily investment strategies to capitalize on current and emerging market conditions: (i) the select development of new Class-A multifamily at a favorable basis for delivery in established and transitioning submarkets in select MSA’s with solid economic foundations and positive demographic fundamentals, and (ii) value-add and repositioning opportunities for older generation apartments that are well-located and do not suffer from functional obsolescence.

M-M Properties, whose team members have a demonstrated record of success in creating value in multifamily investment and development, will leverage its broad experience and deep relationships to effectively execute this strategy.